Welcome to the leading manufacturer with the highest demands of quality of machines for the filling and testing of extinguishers.

FRITZ EMDE- a powerful partner for the future

FRITZ EMDE is the worldwide manufacturer of filling and testing equipment for powder, foam and CO2 extinguishers, breathing apparatus and diving cylinders. We have experiences in the production for many decades and our clients are all over the world.Our range of services includes series production as well as the production 
of special machines according to our costumer's concerns. Our engineering team as well as our technical consultant are always at your disposal.Important aspects of the future are always present for FRITZ EMDE vacuum and conveying engineering.

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Product highlights:


Start your professional maintenance and testing of extinguishers with the appropriate FRITZ EMDE Powder filling machines.

The advantages are:
» Emptying and filling absolutely dustfree in continous operation
» Cleaning of filter package and hopper achieved electrically
» Diagonally positioned, removable sieve which retains lumps and contamination


World first - most low-noise powder filling on the market

PFF-SUMATIC V40 is the most low-noise machine (64 dB(A)) for emptying and filling of 1 - 12 kg extinguisher of all makes. The machine is a high filling capacity and it takes only 10 seconds to suck and refill an extinguisher. (more...)

Mobile Hydro Test Unit
The mobile pressure test unit is used for pressure testing of fire fighting installations, piping and pressure vessels of all kinds. (more...)


HSP-F mobile hydrant testing unit is a flexible and manually operated pump for TESTING of wall hydrants, risers and pressure hoses of the resting flow and pressure.
The HSP-F is equipped with a 50 liter water collection tank and is available via a ball valve at the bottom easy and quick to empty. (more...)


The Mobile Service Station model MSS-P I-III is the perfect technical solution for all service workshops for fire extinguishers. (more...)